CAST team

Mission of core CAST team.

The mission of this core CAST team is to meet, discuss, design, market and produce a two day CAST community workshop.  We give ourselves 4 to 5 months to focus our energy and design an awesome experience for the community.  As the Director, my role is find other community directors.  Individuals who’ve dedicated themselves to community over the years.  Each Cultural Creative having  vital tools, skill and exercises to either share or draw out of community it’s gifts and wounds.

“Healing wounds, means we activate our power to change the old story” James O’Dea

When we know better, we can do better.

This is an open forum, usually a core team is normally 10 – 20  people,  women & dudes.

It’s good to have a masculine feminine balance as well as a multi-cultural perspective and diversity of ages, wisdom elders and young adults.

Core Cast team:

Bio’s and picture coming…


Joseph Jacques

Alpha Lo:

Mark Khan:

Andy Peri:

Matthew Edwards:


Surya Kramer:

Ange Frost

Marlo Kindermann

Celestine Star

Minouche Graglia

Kym Kuzmic