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Joseph 1I’m very passionate about telling transformational stories about how WE play a supporting role for each other as well as help humanity know itself and heal itself itself for the benefit of a healthy culture.  Make your life story full of meaning and purpose!

“Surfaces can be seen, but depths need to be explored.”

For the last 10 years I’ve been working on creating solutions for the homeless through my Non-Profit, Harmonic Humanity.  A Non-profit that I Co-founded with my best friend AJ Lovewins.  We have three pillars, Employment, Education and Counseling.

Below are great stories that I’ve dedicated my life too.

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I’m currently the Director of Harmonic Humanity and would love to answer any questions you may have.

In 2017 I wrote a book, entitled:

LEGENDS OF CREATION: A father’s role in Pregnancy.  A Mother’s journey of Becoming.

final LOC 2 with woodA 250 page inter-subjective workbook for the Mother, Father and Unborn child.

Here’s a book review by the world renowned Jean Houston, she writes,

“Jacques’s remarkable insights help parents create a family relationship with the unborn child. Through thoughtful recommendations, parents become attuned to the inherent gifts of their son or daughter. The idea is to communicate with, listen to, and encourage the little spark of spirit into the light each soul is born to be.”

I have 3 goals with this workbook.

1.  Strengthen the bond between the Mother, Father and Prenate (Unborn) ( My program starts 3 months before conception)

2.  Heal the in-generational transfer of wounds from Mother, Father and Culture to child.

3.  Amplify Genius of the child.

The question I ask myself is, “What part of a child’s prenatal and birth histories play a role in the shaping or undermining the health, happiness, integrity, genius and stability of that self?”

I’m currently raising money to bring my book to completion ( here’s the link)

and Lastly I’m a musician, I just recently played at Bali Spirit Fest 2018 in Ubud Bali.  Below, “Let us Pray”, video…. I’m rockin out at the Sonoma International Film Festival in 2017.  Special thanks to Kevin and Rosemary Mcneely!


Love you family, stay inspired!!

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Play a mythic role in you life!

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