Cast workshop to improve company culture.

Introduction to our CAST workshop for teaching company culture.

CAST workshop is a dynamic, creative and socially activating workshop involving Open Collaboration principles, personal sharing, improv theatre, group visioning, socially conscious inquiry, music and movement, and new-paradigm models and concepts.  C.A.S.T. is an acronym for “Conscious Action Starts Today,” embodying a process which recognizes that each person has profound action inside of them, truths, passions, visions and stories. When shared in creative ways, the cultivation of this Open Collaboration & personal expression results in a group being more authentic, more connected, more inspired, compassionate and better able to align collaboratively to create the visions they share collectively, Hence linking the greatest number of the greatest ideas one one stage.

C.A.S.T Proposal for ~Your Production Company~

Team Building through Open Collaboration Principles

CAST: Conscious Action Starts Today & Open Collaboration meets

Reality Creation to strengthen

your organization for optimal performance, creativity & success!

“Community today requires a Social Theatre that tells a new story in a world in transition.”  Jean Houston.

Aim of Experience for the of your Production team of Artists:

This process is designed to catalyze the heart of your Production team into action-oriented reality creation which further synergies the intelligence, strengths and abilities of each member while creating a mutually co-supportive atmosphere of trust, understanding, interdependence and sharing.

What Happens at a C.A.S.T Event:

The cast line-up includes combination of small and large circle exercises, methods of sharing passions and deeper truths, visioning and reality-creation activities, music and movement, and open space for members of the group to become facilitators of mini-talks on things they feel passionate about and want to share with others (which is always fascinating to see).  CAST creates a safe container for the your team of artist / community to understand and be understood by each other.  The program engages participants in multiple ways to use their minds, bodies, imagination, and creativity and to get to know each other at an entirely deeper level in a fun, respectful, inspiring way.

The Open Collaboration process results in:

  • Greater connection and respect
  • Constructing a new story of self awareness and action
  • Lots of fun and inspiration
  • Authentic relating at a deeper level (moving from limitation to possibility)
  • Insight into the hidden strengths and passions of others
  • Increased trust, and better ability to collaborate
  • Understanding new ideas, new models, and new ways of facilitating groups
  • Greater ability to focus on shared visions

Optional Elements:

Special Topic Presentations:  In addition to group activities and facilitated exercises, it is possible to include into the program pockets of time for brief presentations by subject matter experts on select topics relevant to the group.  These would be chosen from a list beforehand by your Production Team and there is no extra cost.  For example, there could be 2 or 3 presentations of 20-minutes each on such topics as:

Story-Based Strategy                                             Café Gratitude philosophy

Examining Roles & Goals                                      The philosophy of the social Artist

Non-Violent Communication                             Creating Sustainable Communities

  • DVD mini-film of the event:

Build your CAST experience DVD creates community ripple of interest and The DVD creates a WOW! and demonstrates how your Production agency is connecting our earth team from the heart and supporting it’s elevated earth vision.

The value of CAST:

Your Production Team is the value!

The CAST philosophy states that you are the main character in the story and we are your supporting CAST.

Our cast coaches hold the community in support of a powerful new story.   Our CAST exercises create and atmosphere of play and focus on the emerging narrative.

CAST facilitates collective and individual intelligence, trust and cooperation among community members, both from within a company’s community and outward to the betterment of the larger community and the planet. Our mutual desire and philosophy of your Production team & CAST & Open Collaboration principles blends with the vision for optimizing high standards of productivity and meaning for its world audience.

Timeframe, Logistics, Location, DVD, and Next steps.

Duration of Event:

All Weekend, Friday night (7-10pm) all day Sat, morning/afternoon/evening (10 -10) end at 1pm Sunday, done.

More can be accomplished for team-building and personal-group story-scripting in the weekend format.

Pre-production Time/Needs:

• 3 meetings of 1 hour each with core group of leaders from CAST and your team, including 2 meetings with the videographer.  Have a meeting to discuss the workshop fee.  This fee will depend on if your team chooses to have this CAST event for its Team/family only, or is open to the public.

• 2-3 hours of advance set up time at the location.

Estimated Total Pre-production hours:  20 – 30 hour.

Location/Venue Requirements:

CAST Day requires a private, quiet, comfortable open space sufficient to accommodate free movement and seating of the number of people attending. A stage area is optimal yet optional for musical interactions and group sharing. Cushions and lounge chairs in open space makes for an optimal environment for the cast exercises.  The CAST team can assist with finding a venue, or work with one identified by your team.

Optional DVD Production:

CAST highly suggests DVD Production of the CAST event for synthesizing your team in a cohesive way that can be shared across the organization at large to create a ripple effect of intentionality and reality creation education. The DVD creates an insider-view window which magnifies the intention of this work as it relates to the fulfillment of your teams ideals. This DVD can be sold through your agency, (subject to royalty agreements with CAST), if and as desired as a role modeling product for leading edge company team building technologies and the instigation of the excellence being created from your team.


Proposed Value Exchange & Payment Terms:

$195 per participant for weekend event.

Optional DVD Shooting & Production:  $3500 (If you’d like to have it filmed)

Pre-production and other hourly expenses: $40 per hour (estimated 30-35 hours)

Pricing includes CAST services and facilitation by a team of experienced facilitator-visionaries.  Initial Deposit of $2000 to be paid upon agreement to proceed, with the balance due paid in check form on the day of the event.

Contact Info & Next Steps:

The next step is to arrange a call or meeting to finalize timing, pricing and group size details.  The CAST team then proposes to work with points of contact identified by your Team to schedule per-production meetings, identify goals and priorities of the weekend.

“This world is our stage, and my life is the greatest part I will ever play!”

In truth of character,

Joseph J. Jacques




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